9 Best Apps for Shopify

Some time ago we published a post on how to setup ‘Integrated Labels using Shopify’ and pointed our customers towards the ‘Order Printer’ plugin.

We thought it was about time to revisit this suggestion and see what else was available to help our Shopify customers with labels setup….   Somewhere along the way we got distracted with the wealth of available ‘best apps for Shopify’ and thought we’d compile a list of the ones we found. (Don’t worry – we’ll get to label setup again later in the post).

In no particular order here are the best apps we found; we’ve given a quick outline of what each one does and made a brief comment in italics – just so you know what we think.

Mailchimp Freddie
Mailchimp for Shopify

Automatically add customers to your Mailchimp mailing list.  (subject to the usual ‘opt-in’ of course!)  In addition customers are added to a static segment called ‘Shopify Customer’ to help with targeting. Mailings can be automated and targeted based on the results of earlier mail campaigns.  Mailing list management made simple. In addition the Mailchimp website makes setting up a great looking mailing really easy.

Tidio Live Chat:

Integrate Chat with your page quickly and easily. There are options for android, iOS and Windows. Tidio offer a variety of pricing options from Basic (its free!) up to Premium.  The free version will do nicely if all you need to do is chat to one customer at a time; Premium offers all sorts of options including some very comprehensive looking analytics.  Tidio looks like a great way to add chat to your Shopify store and their customer service is really helpful (I’ve just been chatting to them).

Shop Pad logo
ShopPad Fablet:

Easily tailor and optimise you store for shoppers on iPad, iPhone and Android. Fablet provides a point and click interface to get you running on mobile devices with no programming skills needed. More and more people are shopping from mobile devices. Make sure your mobile site is as good as it can be.

Sweet Tooth logo
Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth:

Set up your own points based loyalty program. Reward purchases, referrals, account registrations, social shares, social followers and award bonus points on birthdays. Customers can then exchange points for discounts. Sweet Tooth claim an average increase in sales year on year and a 20% increase in repeat business – why wouldn’t you give this a go?

yopto logo
Yopto Reviews:

Yopto offers the ability to create ‘in-email forms’ when requesting reviews. The idea is to generate more product reviews than other solutions. There are a variety of packages on offer.  Some packages offer features such as the ability to collect user generated photos and even turn them into Instagram and Facebook adverts automatically.  We really believe that reviews mean greater trust in your site. Greater trust can translate to higher sales.  Some of the additional features definitely warrant further investigation. 

Lucky Orange Logo
Lucky Orange for Shopify

Find out why visitors don’t convert. Watch anonymous recordings of how visitors interact with your site. Compile heat maps showing how visitors interact with your pages. Poll customers on site usability.  Use Form Analtyics to discover where your signup process is causing checkout abandonment. Lucky Orange offers a range of price packages based on the number of sites covered and the number of page views. This level of insight into your store can only be a good thing!

RetargetApp Logo

Re engage users with relevant Facebook retargeting ads based on products they’ve viewed on your site. Easily find important metrics; clicks, impressions etc. RetargetApp also uses behind the scenes optimisation to reduce bid costs. This looks like a great way to make managing retargeting ads on Facebook a whole lot easier.

Bold Logo
Product Upsell

Offer last minute relevant add-on products at checkout. Create discounted or free hidden items to use with offers; Buy One Get One Free, Buy One Get One Half Price etc etc.  Using the ‘would you like fries with that’ concept, Product Upsell can improve your average basket size. This app ties in brilliantly with our last post ‘3 Ways to Boost Sales for No Extra Cost’.

Order Printer Logo
Order Printer

First recommended to us by @squashedpixel – Shopify Experts! We first recommended Order Printer in our post on an Setting up Integrated Labels in Shopify and its still a great way to set up your invoices with integrated labels. You’ll need some knowledge of HTML to take full advantage of its customisation ability – however it is free!

Something like Easy Invoice+ or Printout Designer might be easier but there is a monthly cost involved. As far as we’re concerned any app that makes it easier to set up an integrated invoice and delivery label has to be good news!

That’s our recommendations for 9 top Shopify Apps (we even threw in a couple of extras at the end there!). We’ve also just taken a quick look and it appears that installing apps for Shopify couldn’t be easier; just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Click the Install button
  3. Enter your stores web address to authenticate with the app
  4. Confirm installation of the app
  5. Use the App!

All the apps we’ve recommended look excellent. If it were down to us then obviously we’d pick one of the invoice design apps as our favourite – how any online store owner gets by without integrated labels we’ll never know!