Another way to Set-up Magento Integrated Labels

We’ve been asked by one of our customers if any our Integrated Labels were compatible with the ‘Fooman PDF Customiser’ extension for Magento. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t have a clue! Happily Kristof ‘the guy behind Fooman’ jumped into our Twitter conversation to provide a link to their instructions on ‘How To… change the custom label position‘.

Knowing that there will be other users of the ‘Fooman PDF Customiser’ out there I thought I’d add short post to share our increased knowledge about Magento.   After trying a selection of our free samples the customer went with double integrated labels ‘Lion‘ to use with Magento. We now know they’re compatible but we’re not sure yet if they needed to make any changes! If you need to set-up magneto integrated labels then its worth trying out these two products and also taking a look at Kristof’s instuctions on the link above.

Reviews for the ‘Fooman PDF Customiser’ extension are great and Kristof seems very helpful so we’re happy to recommend it. It looks like Fooman do a whole host of other extensions so if you’re looking to do something a little different in Magento it’s worth checking them out here.

We always try to help with your questions about compatibility, we’re even happier when some of the software providers jump in to offer their assistance. Thanks Kristof  – love the site logo by the way.

Fooman Set-up Magento Integrated Labels