Easy Magento Integrated Label Set-up

Printing Magento Labels

Looking for quick and easy way to set-up integrated labels in your Magento back end? Moove on over to Moogento and check out their pickPack module for your magento labels.

What they say:

Make it memorable:
pickPack produces beautiful Packing Sheets and Invoices – don’t drop the ball with your company’s image at the first point of physical contact.

Increase sales:
Easily add discount coupons and other call-to-actions. Add review reminders, customisable by store. Generate more trust, more return sales, and more profit, with your great-looking printouts, in their hands.

Reduce support time:
Include returns info and forms on the sheets. Option to print Invoice/Packing Sheet from customer account page, and in the admin order overview page.

Accurate packing:
Add checkboxes, quantity callouts, product options and photos, shelving/warehouse/shipping info, low-stock notices, gift and filtered admin messages.

Fast processing:
Works perfectly with integrated labels and window-envelopes – exactly position addresses. Add Order ID barcodes (integrates with shipEasy barcode scanning function), and product barcodes.

What others say:

Really, I don’t understand why this isn’t a part of the standard version of Magento. This plugin is probably the best one I’ve ever purchased.

This extension is a game changer if you need above and beyond what standard Magento offers.  So many customizations for this extension, it is insane. The developer is nice and responds promptly.

What we say:

We haven’t tried it ourselves but the reviews on the site rave about pickPack itself and in particular how helpful Jim (the developer) is.  My feeling is that anything that makes it easier to print integrated labels must be good!

Looking for integrated labels compatible with magento?  Check out our range of magento labels here.