Frequently asked questions

Vat Invoice

Will I get a VAT invoice?

Yes, we will email you an invoice which also is your order confirmation.

Delivery Costs

How much does it cost to deliver?

When you add a product to your basket it will calculate the delivery charge based on delivery to a major UK destination. When you enter your delivery address at checkout we will check that your postcode is not in an outlying UK destination. If it is we will amend the charge.

Find out more about delivery charges here, or just click on Kanga on the homepage.


What’s the quality like?

We are really proud of our products and we go the extra mile to ensure the product is great every time you order.

We only work with one major UK manufacturer. That way, the product quality is consistently high.

The paper used on the Integrated products is PEFC approved White 90gsm.  We care about the world’s forests.

We take care to wrap and protect the products, so that they arrive with you in perfect condition.

Integrated Plain Product

Does the product come with the animal printed on it?

No, the product is plain.

If you download a template you will see the animal, but you can just delete it.  There’s more information on using templates in this useful post on our Resources section.

We are a little worried that our Octopus only has 7 legs, and yes, our rabbit always looks like that!

Packaging Labels

These labels are made with a Hi Tack permanent adhesive.  They are designed to stick on to most forms of packaging and to not peel off.

They are designed to be robust and come on a strong central core. They are a paper label and not designed to be used in the wet (particularly the Keep Dry Label).

A4 Printer Labels

Our printer labels are designed to be used both with Laser and Inkjet printers. The label material and adhesive is designed to be used for both technologies.

The adhesive is “permanent”. In other words it is designed to stay stuck, and not to be peeled off.

The corners of the labels have a slight radius. This helps to make it easier to peel the label from the sheet.

Pallet Quantity

How many boxes on a pallet?

For Integrated products we put 100 boxes on a 1200mm x 1000mm pallet. That’s 6 layers of 15 and 10 on top.


I’ve got the wrong product. Can I return it?

Yes, as long as the protective wrap is not removed. See our T&Cs for more details.

Shelf Life

What’s the shelf life of the product?

2 years.

Storing the Product

What are the right conditions for storing the product?

Keep them dry and flat.  There is information on storage on the box labels or check this resources post on storage for further details.

Moisture can cause problems with ink/toner adhesion in your printer. If you get them really moist they will curl !

 The product I want is not shown

Not found what you want?

Then, gives us a call or send us a message.  There are many other products that we can offer and we can supply bespoke products just for you.

We don’t just supply A4 integrated Labels but a full range of self adhesive labels.


I can’t find a voucher code?

We like keeping things simple. We offer low prices upfront.

Out of Stock

The product is marked “out of stock”, can I still place an order?

Sorry, we will only take orders when we have stock.

Non UK Deliveries

Do you ship goods outside the UK?

We have set the website up initially to cater for the UK market. Give us a call if you are interested in deliveries abroad and we will happily give you a quote.