From Madagascar to the Zoo: Labels Zoo welcomes the Chameleon


It has been a long journey for the Chameleon, but he finally arrived to join his new friends at Labels Zoo this week.

The journey started in the lowlands of Western Madagascar, as our Chameleon made his way through the dense forest floor toward the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

After showing his negative COVID test certificate to the Passport Control Officer at the docks, he boarded the container ship and settled down for the 6000-mile journey to Labels Zoo.


Waters on the Red Sea were calm, and it was smooth sailing for our Chameleon, but then…disaster! The Captain of the freight ship tried an unexpected manoeuvre in the Suez Canal and ended up grounding the entire vessel – wedging it across the waterway!

As a queue of container ships began to build, our Chameleon realised that his journey may come to an unexpected end, so he decided to jump-ship and continue across land.

A master of disguise – the chameleon remained unnoticed as he travelled across the Egyptian sands. After a short visit to the Pyramids, he continued on foot before finally reaching the Port of Alexandria. Our Chameleon was weary from his travels but the thought of joining his new friends in the Labels Zoo kept his spirits alive as he looked for safe passage across the Mediterranean Sea.

Safe passage came in the way of an old fishing boat, whose crew were bound for Italy. Our Chameleon stowed away in the lower deck, blending in seamlessly with the assorted cargo of old nets and wooden crates.

After five days hitchhiking through Italy, Switzerland and France, the journey’s end was in sight. Our chameleon knew that one more trip across the sea from Calais to Dover would put him within tongue’s reach of the Labels Zoo.

The ferry crossing over the Channel was a lot less eventful than our chameleon’s previous boat journey, and before he knew it, the white cliffs were on the horizon.

10 quarantine days, two negative coronavirus tests, three trains, and one replacement bus service later, our chameleon finally arrived. Greeted by the Zookeepers and all his new friends, the chameleon happily settled into his new home at Labels Zoo.


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