Growth in Online Retail Sales During Lockdown Sees Surge in Integrated Labels Orders

Since March, UK online retail sales have spiked to record levels, leading to an increased demand for integrated labels and record sales for Labels Zoo. With the panic-buying trend in March, UK supermarkets saw an unprecedented rise in the demand for essential items, with shelves being left empty across much of the country. According to […]

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The Uses and Benefits of Integrated Labels

What are Integrated Labels? An integrated label is a paper document, usually A4 in size, with one or more self-adhesive labels incorporated. Integrated labels are also referred to as ‘Shipping Labels’, ‘Integral Labels’ or ‘Peel Out’ labels. In Demand According to a report from Oberlo, global ecommerce sales amounted to more than $3.5 trillion USD […]

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What Are Thermal Labels?

Thermal label printers use heat to create to an image. There are two main types of thermal printing techniques: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct Thermal The label surface is coated with a heat reactive layer which turns black when in contact with the heat from the print head. This heat reactive surface will effectively […]

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Packing Your Goods Securely

Packages that are delivered showing major signs of wear and tear while in transit can lead to product damage and an unwelcome uplift in customer complaints. Even if the goods inside haven’t been damaged, inadequate and poor packaging creates a negative impression of both your product and service. To help prevent damage to your products, […]

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Buy For 2018

Christmas is around the corner again, and we here at Labelszoo would like to offer our selection of popular toys that your children, young relatives or even for yourself will enjoy playing with! From looking at the top of lists for biggest trending toys online and in shops, here is a list of our top […]

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How To Dispose Of Toner Print Cartridges

Image by FBO Plastic toner cartridges take over a thousand years to decompose. Around 90% of homes currently just throw away used cartridges adding to environmental problems. Here at the LabelsZoo we wanted to share the best ways to dispose of your used cartridges so that not only is your home or office workspace greener, […]

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Carnival Routes And Viewing Advice 2018

The famous Somerset Carnival season is nearly here! We have used our inside knowledge to identify some good locations top watch the amazing floats go by. Unless you happen to be as tall as one of our giraffes you’ll need to make sure you arrive early to get a good view. The Carnival is a […]

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10 Quick Environmental Tips To Help Go Green

At LabelsZoo we love our animals as much as our labels, and care about the environment they live in. To help create a better environment for animals and people alike we wanted to share some our favourite tips for a greener lifestyle. We try to follow the principles of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle at the […]

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web push notifications

5 Ways Marketers Can Retarget Their Audience

Every brand has encountered this unfortunate situation; visitors come to their website but leave without making a purchase. Even the best e-commerce websites fall victim to this daily. In fact, most of the visitors to your website leave without making a purchase. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO END THERE. These individuals have shown an initial interest […]

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Shopify Logo

9 Best Apps for Shopify

Using Shopify?
There are a wealth of apps available for Shopify and we thought we’d compile a list of the best we found.

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Growth Barchart

3 Quick Ways to Boost Sales for No Extra Cost

Looking for ways to boost sales?
We’ve had a look around and come up with 3 ways you can boost sales for no extra cost!

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5 Tips for avoiding Paper Jams

Paper jams in your printer can be really frustrating, and always seems to happen when you are up against it. Here at the Zoo we have pulled together 5 tips as to how to avoid them.

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Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2015

Santa Clause is coming to town and we’re all dreaming of a White Christmas. That’s right, it’s that time of year again where festivities reach their merry peak and we all hurry around trying to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. This year all of our Zookeepers are buying toys for their children, young relatives… or just for themselves; so we decided it would be the perfect time to compare notes. We had a look at what appeared top on the lists of Hamleys and other publications to put together a list of the Top 10 toys this Christmas.

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gift vouchers

Using Coupons or Gift Vouchers in Online Stores

The use of coupons, vouchers and gift vouchers when selling online is increasingly common. It’s worth knowing some of the options available so that you hit the right target audience; it’s also worth knowing some of the pitfalls!

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Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

There are some great bits of free and cheap software out there that can really make day to day tasks easier for small businesses.
Here’s our view of some of the best

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Origami Lion

How to Make an Origami Lion

Origami Lion At Labels Zoo we’re very proud of our website. We get a lot of positive comments from customers who love the animals almost as much as we do. I’ve been working through the animals to see which ones I can make out of paper. I now have a good stock of animals on […]

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origami rose

Nice Package!

As we supply a product which is used as part of the dispatch process, I thought I’d write an article on packaging. I’d decided to cover the best products to use alongside our labels. The best envelopes and boxes, good ways to protect your item; that sort of thing. Then I remembered that many of […]

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Sole Trader vs Limited Company

This guide examines the main differences between a business run by a sole trader or as a partnership and a company, managed by its director / shareholder.

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