How To Dispose Of Toner Print Cartridges

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Plastic toner cartridges take over a thousand years to decompose. Around 90% of homes currently just throw away used cartridges adding to environmental problems. Here at the LabelsZoo we wanted to share the best ways to dispose of your used cartridges so that not only is your home or office workspace greener, but you can save money too.

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Cartridges are expensive and only around 15% of the 65 million cartridges sold each year in the UK are recycled properly, with the remainder going to landfill. With the majority of business still using toner cartridges on a regular basis we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of landfill and to help get cartridges back into the recycling process to be re-used again.

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Speak to the company responsible for providing your current recycling boxes. Some companies now provide specific recycling boxes for printer cartridges to go alongside those for paper, cardboard and plastics. If they don’t then you can get a cartridge recycling box free from

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If you don’t have access to a regular recycling collection another option is to speak to the CTR Europe. Contact them through to arrange collection of your technology related waste. They not only recycle your used printer cartridges but will also help you dispose of redundant phones, tablets and computers too rather than letting them go to landfill.

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Alternatively, you can work with charities to help them raise funds through recycling cartridges. For example, Against Breast Cancer runs a campaign that allows you to send your cartridges to their chosen recycling partner which then raises cash for the charity at no cost to you. Visit for more information

Recycled cartridges can be re-manufactured for only 10% of the cost of a new cartridge so we will all benefit in the long run by effectively reusing this most disposable of products.

So there you have some simple tips to help you and your company take steps to a greener and more efficient disposal system for print cartridges.

Recycle responsibly and take care!


Bonus! This website helps specifically dispose of devices and especially empty print toner cartridges, perhaps an idea to help with your company to become greener! Take a look if interested!