How to use our Templates

Do you use a Word Template?

All of our labels have Word templates you can download for free – simply look for the Word icon on the labels page.

To keep things simple our templates are plain old word documents which you just need to download, open and save under a new name.

Using Tiger labels as an example the process is as follows:

  • Click the ‘Download Word templates for Tiger LZO2’ link
  • You will see a message similar to one of the ones below – just click the ‘Open’ button
  • Once you’ve opened the template file you’ll see it contains two Word Templates. One has the label at the bottom and, because we know everybody’s different, one has the label at the top!templates03
  • Double click the template you prefer and the Word file will open.
  • In Word select ‘File’ then ‘Save As’
  • Give the file a name that means something to you and click ‘Save’ templates05
  • You’re now ready to go, although you’ll probably want to remove our text and image first.
  • Just click the text once and press delete. templates06
  • Next click the animal image once and press delete. templates07
  • Finally select the text in the label and press delete
  • You can now start adding your own invoice detail – don’t forget to save the document regularly!