Set-up a Linnworks Invoice with an Integrated Label

We’ve been asked in the past ‘which integrated labels work with a Linnworks Invoice’? We’ve always pointed customers to the labels we’ve know to be most popular with other Linnworks customers. Recently however we got hold of a copy of ‘Linnworks Order Management’ and realised how easy it was to setup and adjust a Linnworks invoice to fit pretty much any of our integrated labels.

Below are a set of simple step by step instructions to help you adjust your Linnworks invoice to use one of our most popular integrated labels ‘Tiger‘.

1. Firstly you’ll obviously need to get Linnworks Order Management open. From there you’ll need to click on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Template Designer’


Linnworks Invoice Step 1


2.  Under the ‘Invoice Template’ section select ‘Edit’ alongside the ‘default’ template.


Linnworks Invoice Step 2


3. Remove the arrow and text ‘this can be a peel of integrated label’ (just select them and press ‘Delete’). Then double click on the ‘Your company’ logo.


Linnworks Invoice  Step 3


4. Click the image button in the ‘Edit Image’ box and browse to find a copy of your company logo to use on the invoice.


Linnworks Invoice Step 4


5. To match up with our ‘Tiger‘ labels you’ll need to swap the positions of the company logo and the address box.


Linnworks Invoice Step 5


6.  To get the address box to match up exactly with ‘Tiger‘ labels you’ll need to change the size and position of the box. The size and position of the Tiger labels is usually measured in millimetres (110mm x 76mm and 10mm from the top and left of the page). Linnworks is setup to measure in inches  so I’ve converted the values you’ll need as shown below.


Linnworks Invoice Measurements

7. Once you have the basic layout setup it very easy to make any tweaks you need.  The basic construction unit of the invoice such images, text boxes can be deleted easily (simply select and press delete). New components can be added easily form the ‘Drag and Drop’ toolbar.


Linnworks Invoice Drag and Drop Menu


8. Adding additional variable to components such as the address label is  also very easy. Just double click the address label (or other label), choose the drop down ‘variable’ menu and click the variable you want to insert.


Linnworks Invoice Add Variables


9. Adding and removing detail to the ‘Order Items’ block is also very easy. Simply double click the invoice items area and select which details you want to see from the ‘Edit Table’ window.


Linnworks Invoice Order Item Details


10. Using these simple tools its easy to setup a Linnworks invoice to use any of our integrated labels. These instructions work for our ‘Tiger‘ labels however an additional 2 minutes work gave me an invoice that would work with ‘Hippo‘ double integrated labels; this gives the chance to include not only a ‘delivery label’ but a ‘returns label’ as well if required.


Linnworks Invoice Double Integrated

I haven’t added any measurements for this one however measurements for all our labels are available on the product page for each item. If you need to convert from millimetres to inches simply multiply the number of millimetres by 0.0394  E.G. 10mm = 10 x 0.0394 = 0.394 inches.

If you’re not a Linnworks user and you’d like to try it out, take a look here.