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ZenCart integrated labels

Do you need integrated labels that are compatible with ZenCart? Order in boxes of 100 or 1000 or request a free sample. Our labels are competitively priced, with next day delivery and are manufactured in the UK to PEFC sustainability standards. Spend more time fulfilling orders and less time printing labels!

Contact us for information on bulk orders or custom printed labels.

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  • Integrated Labels - Tiger LZ01

    Tiger LZ01

    • Label size:
      76mm x 110mm (D x W)
    • Label position:
      10mm from foot,
      10mm from left
    • 100% Recyclable ♻




    Out of stock
  • Integrated Labels - LZ02 Elephant

    Elephant LZ02

    • Label size:
      54mm x 85mm (D x W)
    • Label position:
      23mm from foot,
      20mm from left
    • 100% Recyclable ♻🐘
    • Also known as Single Style C, S3  & FPS-3


    Out of stock
  • Label Paper - LZ06 Octopus

    Octopus LZ06

    • Label size:
      60mm x 100mm (D x W)
    • Label position:
      49mm from foot,
      10mm from right
    • 100% Recyclable ♻


    Out of stock
  • Triple Invoice Labels - LZ90 Fish

    Fish LZ90

    • Label sizes: Three labels
      65mm x 95mm (D x W)
      55mm x 95mm (D x W)
      10mm x 95mm (D x W)
    • Label positions:
      8mm from foot,
      10mm from left & right
    • 100% Recyclable ♻


    Out of stock