Label Adhesives: Permanent or Removable Labels?

Label adhesives

An adhesive label is designed to be affixed to any surface, with different types of adhesives being more suitable in certain situations than others. The two main types of adhesives are permanent and removable. Each type can be made from a variety of different materials. The materials chosen can depend on the use of the label, the type of adhesive and the longevity required.

Permanent adhesive labels

Permanent adhesive labels are the most common type of label and can be more cost-effective. These labels are made to be non-removable, therefore they require certain solvents should you wish to remove them. If you do decide to remove a permanent adhesive label, it will likely ruin the label, so it is best you are certain when applying the label to the required surface. Permanent adhesive labels are suitable for films, corrugated board and non-polar surfaces.

Types of permanent labels

Permanent adhesive labels are the better choice for surfaces you want labelling for a long time, without the labels wearing away or becoming detached.

Packaging labels are a perfect example of permanent label usage. Packaging labels are designed to inform warehouse staff, delivery drivers and recipients of the package of the contents, with warnings such as “fragile” or “keep this way up”. In this instance, if a label was to become detached it would risk the contents of the parcel, and as such a permanent label would be the suitable choice in this sort of situation.

Our printer labels are also permanent adhesive, which are very versatile and high quality. These labels have endless use and can be used with inkjet and laser printers to allow you to completely customise them for your needs. We supply templates with our labels so you’re able to utilise them as you need easily. You’re able to check out our resources on how to use our templates.

Integrated labels are a paper-based document which usually is A4 in size that have integrated labels incorporated into them. These labels are used to combine various documentation onto one single sheet, and are used for a range of businesses, especially in e-commerce and healthcare sectors. As a permanent label, they are great for many businesses to express information in an accessible way. They are great for return labels, dispatch labels, invoices, shipping documents, pharmaceuticals, packing slips and more.

Direct thermal labels are a permanent hotmelt adhesive label that is cost-effective. They are made with the direct thermal printing process. These types of labels are used for short shelf-life products such as fresh food due to their heat reactive surface. These labels are very cost effective for creating simple labels in large quantities. Thermal labels do not require a thermal ribbon, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option and they take less time to print. They make the perfect choice for printers without ribbons and they do not wrinkle.

Removable adhesive labels

Removable adhesive labels are perfect for when you’re needing a temporary label, which can be used in many areas. They are a specialised adhesive that can provide a secure grip to the surface materials. However, they still allow the label to be removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface. Removable labels can be a great temporary provider of information, which is perfect for products such as stock that need the price changing regularly.

When removable labels may be preferred
There are a few areas where removable labels may be of better use than permanent adhesive, such as:

Food: When a label is applied to food, such as an apple, it must be able to be removed so the apple can be easily eaten without leaving any residue from the label. No customer wants residue left on their produce or have to go through the hassle of cutting the sticker part out. Therefore, a small and removable label is best in this scenario.

Reusable containers: With reusable containers, it is important to use a removable label so the users can wash or microwave it without any danger of burning or residue being left on. Removable labels allow customers to repurpose and reuse the product as intended, which is not only better for the environment but also provides a smoother consumer experience.

Pricing: when it comes to product pricing, it is much more efficient to use removable labels, as prices can vary and change all the time. It is convenient and doesn’t risk ruining the product or leaving any residue when changing the price.

Medical information: due to healthcare information constantly changing and frequently being updated, it is useful to use temporary labels. The labels allow medical information to be more organised and up-to-date in an efficient and safe manner.

In need of labels?

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