Label Materials

Here at Labels Zoo we know how most of our products are used and we use the right material for the right job. For example our Packaging labels use a Hi Tack permanent adhesive as we want these to stay stuck on virtually any packaging material. However we know that most customers like to know the basics of labels materials and we have written a simple guide as well as giving you a couple of good links if you want chapter and verse.

Labels are typically constructed from four elements.

  • Face Material                                 The top surface
  • Adhesive                                          The sticky bit
  • Release Coating                           This allows the label to be peeled off the backing
  • Backing                                            The bit you throw away

There are lots of different types of all of these elements all designed for different uses.

Labels are commonly split into two broad categories

  • Permanent. This basically means they are designed to stay stuck!!! It will not be esay to remove the label and you will often find the adhesive will stay stuck to the product.
  • Removeable. These are designed so the label can be peeled off easily and should not stay on the product.

Two good sources of what label materials are available are