A couple of quick tips for Linnworks users.

We know a number of our customers use Linnworks to manage multiple selling channels. Linnworks very kindly supply the occasional  workshop video on how to get the most out of their software so I thought I’d pull together a couple of these videos for you to have a look at.

Obviously the one I’ll point you at first is Mark Farley talking about setting up shipping methods and mapping them to selling channels.  He also, and most importantly 😉 covers creating shipping labels, including the use of integrated labels.   He doesn’t cover the benefits of the labels themselves however we’ve talked about those here!  Take a look at Mark’s video below.

The second video shows how to map existing ebay listings to Linnworks inventory. Existing listings can me mapped (relatively) easily so that you can manage them from Linnworks alongside listings you’ve made directly from the software. Again, the video is below.

Lastly, if you’re still trying to get going, and the above videos go into too much depth for you, how about the ‘Getting Started Webinar’.  Once again, you’ve guessed it, the video is below.

If you’d like to see more of Linnworks workshop videos have a look at my search on YouTube.