How to Make an Origami Lion

Origami Lion

At Labels Zoo we’re very proud of our website. We get a lot of positive comments from customers who love the animals almost as much as we do. I’ve been working through the animals to see which ones I can make out of paper. I now have a good stock of animals on my desk so I thought it was about time I shared them with you!  In this post I’ll give you instructions for creating an origami lion.

Although I’ve been using the labels sheets themselves it’s actually easier to start with a plain sheet of A4 paper. I printed one side with a plain yellowy brown colour to represent the lions coat.

1. Most origami starts from a square piece of paper rather than an A4 shape so we need to cut the page down to a square. Make a diagonal fold from one corner of the page to the opposite edge of the paper. This should form a square with an obvious rectangle to be cut off.
Make a Square
2. You should now have a square of paper with a diagonal fold across it.
Square with fold

3. Fold along the dotted lines to meet the centre fold (just like making a paper plane)
Fold to Centre

4. Fold backwards along the dotted line to make a little tucked in flap on either side.
Fold Backwards

5. Fold backwards along the dotted line to make a diamond shape with one blunt(ish) end
Make a Blunt Diamond

6. Fold together along the centre fold
Fold along Centre Line

7. Fold back and forth along the dotted line to form a crease. Create a pocket fold (push in and up)
Make a Pocket Fold

8. Fold along the dotted line and open up the ‘face’ of the lion
Open the Face

9. Fold the top of the ‘face’ down long the dotted line and then tuck the bottom under along the second dotted line
Shape the FaceShape the Face
10. Make 3 zig-zag folds along the dotted lines to create the tail.
Make the TailMake the TailMake the Tail
11. Make a small pocket fold in the end of the tail (push in and up to create a tip)
Finish the Tail
12. Draw eyes, nose and whiskers on to the face of the lion. Here’s my finished attempt.
Make a Face

You’ll find a better set of drawings and even a little animation on how to make an origami lion at The Origami Club.

If you can do better than me (and I’m sure you can) tweet us a picture using the link below (or Facebook or Google+ or Pinterest).

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

The Zoo Keeper