Nice Package!

As we supply a product which is used as part of the dispatch process, I thought I’d write an article on packaging. I’d decided to cover the best products to use alongside our labels. The best envelopes and boxes, good ways to protect your item; that sort of thing.

Then I remembered that many of our customers (and Twitter followers) work in the craft industry, most of them in small independent companies. At this point I realised that boxes, envelopes and bubble wrap were perhaps a little on the dull side.

Instead I’ve decided to show you a few of the interesting ways I’ve found to package up some of the clever, lovely and unusual items that many of you are selling.

Over the last few months I’ve been building a couple of Pintrest boards of Clever and Quirky Packaging and some wonderful wrapping.

My absoloute favourite is the Origami Rose, brilliant for presenting ‘trinkets’, chocolates or any number of smaller items.

origami rose

I have to admit that when I gave this a go, I needed more than just the Pintrest Instructions! However Mr Google makes finding fuller instructions nice and easy. (Have a look here if you want a go).

It would appear that other peoples favourite is this simple yet elegant (and easy to make) box.

Simple and Elegant Box

I’ve since found an even better pin with half a dozen variations on this theme; take a look here.

On the whole, Pintrest has been brilliant for finding new and different packaging ideas. Angie Robbins and a search for DIY Packaging have helped a lot.

If you’re looking for something a little more specific to your requirements try Boxmaker to get templates for any size box you care to make.

For those of you looking for something a little less hands on or simply sturdier and available in quantity, I’ve found a couple of really excellent looking sites, from the purely functional to a very cool online design tool!

I’d love to hear comments or other suggestions over on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or images of your own over on Pintrest – just click the links below.

Just in… a late addition to my favourite sites is Kite who amongst other things can make bespoke orders for all sorts of boxes.