Advice on Label Quality versus Price

One of the common issues that we hear about is users of Integrated Labels getting increasingly frustrated with quality. This of course forms part of the balance of quality versus price. There is a lot of information on the web around Integrated Labels, but still people remain confused.

Hopefully this post provides a few pointers for the label user to consider.

Material – not every integrated label is manufactured in the same way and indeed not even on the same material. Here at the zoo all of our labels are lovingly prepared on high quality 90g FSC (sustainable) material. Beware that some manufacturers try to use a lower grammage paper and our experience is that this just results in jams in your printer.

Adhesive – All of our labels are produced using adhesive with a strong ‘tack’ meaning they should remain permanent under normal conditions. If you require labels designed for extreme temperatures/conditions (e.g. freezer labels) this can be achieved – just call us to discuss your needs!

How are the labels produced – as with material not all integrated labels are produced in the same way. There are often slight variants with the finished products. If you’re considering moving to a new supplier we advise you to request samples to test before ordering any goods. You can request samples from Labels Zoo by selecting the product you’re interested in and selecting ‘sample’ under the box qty. We’ll send you 10 sample sheets to test and see the quality for yourself

Where are the labels produced – There are many manufacturers of this product in the UK and Europe. Many of our competitors source their product from several different manufacturers which means that the quality you experience is often inconsistent. Integrated Labels could be produced anywhere and by different manufacturers. Here at the zoo all of our labels are produced by one manufacturer in the UK. This helps maintain our excellent quality standards

How are the labels presented – If you’ve answered all of the above and proceed to order your goods, you now await delivery of a quality product. Labels are not as straight forward as simply packing into a box. Stacked label sheets have a distinctive profile due to the silicon backing patch, therefore labels need to be packed by people that understand and work with the product day in, day out. This is very important as label sheets that are presented badly and therefore bowed etc may not run through your printer

Storing your labels – please also refer to our blog on storing labels

Hopefully this helps you a little. We see Integrated Labels as a premium product, one that you can’t afford to take chances on.