Setting up Integrated Labels in Shopify

I’ve just been asked about setting up integrated labels in Shopify and which of our range are the best to use.  I’ve had a look around and I’ve realised that I was asked exactly the same question almost exactly a year ago!

Unfortunately nobody at the Zoo uses Shopify; so the last time I was asked this question, I asked for some help from the world at large via our Twitter account.  We pretty quickly got a great answer back from @squashedpixel  who are ‘Shopify Experts’. You can find out more about them here:

The short version of what they told us is that Shopify will let you customise the invoice / label layout freely. This means that any of our integrated labels will work – it just depends on what layout works best for you.  Squashed Pixel also recommended the FREE ‘Order Printer’ plugin for Shopify as great place to get started.

I’ve taken a quick look at Order Printer and it looks as if customising label layouts still isn’t as easy as you might hope – but its a great place to start. (I’ve also found that chatting to @squashedpixel on Twitter is a great way to get some advice!)

If you’re looking at setting up integrated labels in Shopify take a look at Order Printer, maybe have a chat to Squashed Pixel and order some free samples from Labels Zoo to get you started.