Storing Integrated Labels

Storing & Handling Labels Zoo Products

We think that Labels Zoo offers the very best combination of quality, competitive price and service.  Our products  have been made and packed so that they are in an optimum state when you put them in your printer and we do everything we can to ensure your box of integrated labels arrives in a tip top condition ready to go.

To keep your labels in this condition, we recommend that you:

  • Store them in a cool dry room between 16C and 24C (40-60%RH)
  • Don’t take the outer shrink wrap off the box until you are about to use the product.
  • Put any unused sheets from your printer back in the box and keep the lid on.
  • Don’t stack the boxes more than 5 high in case they topple.
  • Always handle the sheets on flat clean surfaces.
  • There are separators at every 250 sheets where we turn the product to keep them flat. Please remove these as you get to them.

As excellent as our products are they don’t last forever!  Don’t forget to use the product within 2 years as this is the shelf life of the adhesive .

(With thanks to Leo Koivulehto for the paper jam image)