The Ultimate Guide To Creative Label Design

Label design is an art form and very important within your business. It can be used to convey information about a product or impact the perceived quality of the contents it is stuck to. When done well, label design can help you stand out from competition and generate more sales, or provide the right information to packed products effectively. However, label design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also a science that takes into accounts things such as readability, legibility, security and shelf appeal. If you’re wanting to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, you will need to understand the importance of label design and functionality.

How big should my labels be?

Bigger is not always better, there is no need to go overboard with the size of your labels. It is easy to get excited about big, bold labels, but it is important to take into consideration what your customers may desire. Using the accurate sizing is vital, as it allows room for the relevant information, and creates the perfect label for the product or designated area without drowning it. Functionality is key, so your labels need to be the right size where customers can read it but are also not overwhelmed by it.

What is the best font for my label?

The font is completely up to your company, and there are many factors to take into consideration. Firstly, you want the font to stay on brand to protect your brand identity and keep consistent. However, you need it to be readable, to keep the label informative for the reader.

Fewer fonts are fine, and can actually be better. A single font is easier to read and it makes your brand look more cohesive and unified. When you pack a label with too many fonts, the message can become confusing or difficult for consumers to decipher. Keep your fonts easy on the eyes when it comes to reading texts, and keep your logo and text separate.

What colours should I make my labels?

Colour is a powerful tool in design, and it is important to use it wisely. You need to consider how the colour of your label will affect what people see and how they interpret your product. Using colours that match the product and appropriate for your target audience will create an easier connection between the product and consumer.

Avoid using colours that don’t fit in with your branding or the purpose of the product. For example, if you are creating packaging labels, red would be the obvious choice due to connotations of urgency and importance. Take into consideration colour theory, ask yourself if the colour represents what you’re trying to communicate and portray.

Using images in label design

Images are another important part of label design, but they need to be used correctly. If you’re wanting to use images on your label, make sure they’re done in a way to enhance the design or provide information.

Images can be used to enhance the design, helping an image based product stand out from its competitors and improve user experience by adding visual appeal or meaning to otherwise bland text labels. Images can also be used to help customers identify the product. Having clear pictures on printer labels can be useful as they can supplement text-based description with visual information that makes it easier for people to understand.

The benefits of a well designed label

Advertises your business
Products sold with labelled stickers help advertise their brand, especially compared to products that are sold unlabelled. Having your branding and brand name on the label will promote it right away from the first interaction with the customer.

A well designed label, fit with the right information is able to inform the user easily. It could be to inform readers about the product, or to inform them of the direction of use when taking care of packaging, such as packaging labels.

Protects your branding
Utilising design on labels allows you to protect your branding. Using your branding guidelines when creating the label will provide you with an on-brand label, keeping it cohesive and consistent with your businesses brand identity.

Improved delivery
All purchases, especially in e-commerce, need multiple labels through the journey from purchasing, to warehouse, to destination. This ensures that they arrive on time and to the right place with the utmost efficiency. With a customised and well designed label, your product and packaging will stand out, making it less likely to get lost in transit and carried with care.

Improved efficiency
Effective and creative labelling looks professional and can provide information and help the parties involved in the supply chain on how to handle your package properly. By providing the right information and instruction on your package, missing packaging or damaged returns can be avoided at an easier rate. Therefore, labelling your products properly with a well designed label can help build your success rate in deliveries.

Don’t forget the details

Use a high quality printer or printing service, as you want to make sure that your label has the best quality possible. Use a secure printing process also, from integrated labels or direct thermal labels, make sure the labels you choose are printed using a secure printing process. This allows the labels to be much better quality and provide a longer and more durable product.

Are you in need of labels?

Creativity, information and security are important parts of label design. The labels with innovative and creative elements embedded into them appeal to customers much more. Achieve optimum results by using the appropriate colours, shapes, fonts, images and more. If you’re looking for high quality labels, check out our large selection today and make sure to contact us for any further information required.