The Uses and Benefits of Printer Labels

What are printer labels?

Printer labels are usually A4 sheets of plain labels for your laser or inkjet printer, so you can print what you need, stay in control, and use as you go. These types of labels can usually fit a huge variety of labels per sheet, and we have sizes between 1-70 labels per sheet, with more options for oval and round labels. They are manufactured using a high-quality 70gsm paper with a permanent adhesive backing and radius corners, making them very easy to peel and one of the most convenient types of labels, as you’re able to use them in both laser and inkjet printers.

What are printer labels used for?

Printer labels are high-quality 70gsm sheets, filled with a set amount of labels that have a permanent adhesive backing. These are used for creating your own labels, as we supply each set with a template, so you’re able to just edit what you want on your labels and print them at home on your inkjet or laser printer. This saves time, money and allows you to print what you need, rather than an estimated batch. These labels can be used for your business or your home, such as labeling your jars or your packaging, for example you could turn them into your own packaging labels.


8 Key Benefits of Printer Labels

1 Maintain control

The first benefit of printer labels is that you’re able to print what you want, when you want and how much you want. This will keep you in control of the labels, making sure everything is correct to your standards. Not only does it maintain control for you, but also if you’re a company trying to maintain quality control. Printing your labels on the go allows your production operation to always be able to label the right product, for the right consumer, at the right time. Therefore, meeting the correct quality standards and maintaining the quality management systems; if there is a regulated label change, it will be cheaper and faster to use printer labels.

 2 Reduce costs and inventory

Using printer labels can help you cut costs – especially if it’s a small quantity – as you’re only printing what you need. Even if you have the best inventory management practices, it can often be difficult to predict the amount of labels you will actually use, and with printer labels you can print as you go. After storing printed labels for a long period of time, they may become dirty, damaged or yellowed, therefore printing them at home as you go can benefit you and your labels greatly.

 3 Gain flexibility

Label anything, at any time. Once you have your printer labels, you’re able to control when you print, how much you print and what you print. This leaves room in your schedule to fit it in whenever you need to, which is especially important if it is for your business, freeing up time for you to complete other tasks.

 4 Fast turnaround time

Having your labels ready, means you can skip the steps of contacting a designer or waiting for orders; you can print your own and finalise it yourself. This allows you to introduce new products on a shorter timeline, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

5 Easy updates

When you require updates to be made, having your labels ready to print provides you with easy changes. For companies that are currently growing, you’re able to update your information a lot more frequently as your branding, process and stock changes. This allows your consumers to stay engaged with you and your new products, especially when you consider special events, seasonal or special edition stock.

6 Reduce waste

You can reduce waste because you are able to print how many labels you actually need, rather than having to estimate the number of labels necessary.

7 High quality

Having a fast turnaround time and quick updates is essential for your business, however you also need good, high-quality labels for your products. Our labels are high-quality, and printed on 70gsm paper with permanent adhesive, allowing your labels to stand out and remain stuck down, whether it’s for your business or just your household needs.

8 Create custom labels of various elements

If you own a wide range of products in your business, or you want various labels for your home, using printer labels gives you that flexibility. Perhaps you need a barcode on one, text on the other and an image on the third, well with printer labels you can use our templates and add in what you need on each label. This creates room for creativity, efficiency and it can save you time and money.