Top 10 Christmas Gifts To Buy For 2018

Christmas is around the corner again, and we here at Labelszoo would like to offer our selection of popular toys that your children, young relatives or even for yourself will enjoy playing with! From looking at the top of lists for biggest trending toys online and in shops, here is a list of our top 10 toys:

Fingerlings Interactive Untamed T-Rex

Image By Argos

These cute and ferocious dinosaur toys will keep children entertained as mini pets. They’ll interact with you, wrap around your finger, learn to talk and roar in dino babble. Most of all, their personality depends on how they’ve been taken care of. Be prepared for spooked cats and dogs!

Argos: £14.99

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall set

Image By Argos

If you’re fans of Lego or Harry Potter, then this the set for you. This 878-piece set includes house banners, towers with changeable staircases, a potions room, treasure room and 10 mini figures of some beloved characters like Harry Potter, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and more! This will certainly keep children busy to create from the ground up.

Argos: £89.99

Crate Creatures

Image by Argos

These not-so-handsome friends are available through a crate to ‘wrench open’ these monsters come in with. Offering 4 variations of the monsters to collect, this toy offers interaction through yanking the creature’s tongue, vibrations when moved, making noises and make glowing eyes in the dark!

Argos: £39.99

Monopoly ‘Cheaters’ Edition

Image by Argos

Monopoly is great to have over bonding with friends and family (or almost always ruining them) and now players can indulge in what we’ve always been wanting to do through each game. This version rewards players for being sneaky enough to avoid paying rent, fake a die roll and even steal bills from the bank! Better keep that poker-face strong!

Argos: £21.99

Nintendo Switch

Image by Argos

As far as video game consoles go for convenience, the Switch takes the cake! Coupled with being able to play off the TV screen into handheld, or into a small stand up screen, both versions allow for up to 4 players to take part. The ease of setting up and switching between is the best part. The list of growing games that make fun for all the family can include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Party, Arms and many more! While PlayStation and Xbox consoles are also great gifts to get, they don’t allow the flexibility and ease of playing the Switch does.

Argos: £279.00

Shopkins Hairdorables

Image by Argos

If your children love dolls, brushing hair and collectables, this is up their alley! Totalling up to 36 different figures to collect, each come with their own accessories and a large set of easy to brush and manipulate hair for kids to enjoy! Not to mention there are mystery boxes customers can buy instead to make who they receive a surprise! There are options for determined or randomized dolls, so pick what takes your fancy!

Argos: £19.99

Grumbliess ‘Meltdown’ animals

Image By Amazon

This year toys are all about ‘non-cuddly’. These handsome fellas want you to shake, spin, poke and roll them around until they get mad enough to cause a meltdown! Typically this involves it jumping around and making noises, so make sure kids are playing during the day and not when you are sleeping! There is a selection of 4 different elemental creatures to choose from, each with their own personality and sound effects.

Amazon: £27.75

Pie Face: cannon

Image by Argos

The game has changed… Pie face has returned but with a new mechanic to the already tense game. Bringing you the same silly entertainment from its previous versions, you can have a blast of a time (excuse the pun) with your siblings or parents. For those that don’t know Pie Face is like a game of bucking bronco, except for pie in your face instead of the bronco! This difference involves being shot in the face with pie from a cannon!

Argos: £26.99

Vtech: Myla the Magical Make-Up Unicorn

Image by Argos

The trend of toys this year revolve heavily around unicorns, and we’re no exception! This unicorn toy that allows for makeup and accessories to be applied, with lights and sounds that react to makeup application. And don’t worry about cleaning up! This unicorn comes with fake makeup tips that react to certain parts of the unicorn; so brushing green on its eyelashes will cause it to light up as green! Amazing!

Argos: £44.99

Anki Cozmo the interactive Toy Robot

Image by Argos

Want a little companion that shows emotive reactions. This friendly little robot shows emotion, recognizes voices and faces, play games, learn to flip and carry blocks and help with engineering type tasks! So far, the robot has been creeping our hedgehogs out, but maybe they should stop getting flipped by it!

Argos: £179.00


And there you have it. This list has been made and checked to ensure each gift is safe for the family to use, however we have not used the most scientific approach to ensuring an accurate list. The Zebras are a tad annoyed their magical counterparts get to be include in toys this year, but as we say there is always next year!

Merry Christmas


(P.S : Stores and prices are just examples, Shop around for the best price for you!)