Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2015


Image by Kristina Servant


Santa Claus is coming to town and we’re all dreaming of a White Christmas. That’s right, it’s that time of year again where festivities reach their merry peak and we all hurry around trying to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. This year all of our Zookeepers are buying toys for their children, young relatives… or just for themselves; so we decided it would be the perfect time to compare notes. We had a look at what appeared top on the lists of Hamleys and other publications to put together a list of the Top 10 toys this Christmas.


Pie Face

Great fun silly game, best played with your favourite aunty (or your least favourite sibling). If you’ve not heard of this rip roaring game before, picture a classic game like buckaroo, but instead of a bucking bronco you’ll get a liberal splat of cream to the face.

Argos £19.99


Interactive Tracey Island

Ok, we are showing our age……and we all preferred when there were strings in Thunderbirds……..but this is F.A.B.!!

Argos £59.97


My Friend Freddy

Who doesn’t like a soft bear? It was always going to be a favourite at the Zoo. Bonus points for it being interactive too.

Argos £19.49


Skate and Sing Elsa

Still a popular choice with the little ones (our penguins also love Frozen, can’t imagine why). It’s of course still the best film, with catchy songs. With this top choice of toy, the children can have their very own whirling, twirling and singing Elsa in their room. Unfortunately you will have to listen to “that song” again and again and again as a result.


Image by JeepersMedia

Amazon £44.59


Little Live Pets – Clever Keet

Oh wow……..we were wondering if we could put a couple in our bird house and see if anyone would notice!!

Amazon £30.00


Once upon a time Princess Rosa Peppa

Back in our day it was all about Babe, but there’s a new pig is in town and she is taking over. This time Peppa is a Princess and she’s ready to sing and play.

Amazon £14.53


Jedi Master Lightsaber

We all can’t wait for the launch of The Force Awakens, and May the 4th is always a special day at the zoo. While not as cuddly as a Taun Taun or a fuzzy wee Ewok, you can’t mention Star Wars without thinking Lightsaber (and making those ‘vwom’ noises in your head). The Master Lightsabre kit lets your Padawans craft their own little laser swords in any colour or configuration.


Image from Nan Palmero

Amazon £55.78


I-Que Intelligent Robot

A robot with a sense of humour that can tell jokes. Let’s hope they are funnier than the ones you get in your Christmas cracker.

Argos £32.49


Kinetic Sand

Loved by both the Camels and Meerkats kinetic sand is the gift that keeps on giving. Endless hours of fun to be had creating, making, destroying and starting all over again.

Argo £19.99


Minions Tumbling Stuart

Assemble the minions! Would it be despicable of us to say this is pure joy and it’s so fluffy! Who could say no to Stuart? Well maybe Dave.


Image by stevepb

Argos £26.66 


And that’s our list. OK, it’s not the most scientific, but we have had some fun pulling it together and trialling some of the toys (we had to make sure they’re safe for the family of course). Sadly there were some tears in the zoo as both Snakes and Ladders and Hungry Hippos didn’t make it onto the list but we say there’s always next year!

Merry Christmas




(PS : Stores and prices are just examples……do shop around!!!)