Try Before You Buy

Getting your mailing process just right can be tricky, but it’s always worth spending a bit of time and thought on perfecting the combination of an integrated label and the information you want to send to customers.  Getting it right to start with will make a huge difference if you are going to be doing a lot of mailing in the future.

To help you we can send you a free sample of any of our labels – just choose the label that is right for you, select ‘Sample’ from the ‘Box size’ drop down, then add it to your cart.

Delivery of your samples is free, so go ahead and checkout. You should receive your sample within one working day, completely free of charge.

We like to be as generous as we can with our sample packs so please be generous when ordering them. Only order what you think you’ll need to test our labels.

If you’re ordering loads of samples we’ll start to worry about the Postie’s back and probably give you a call back to see if we can help you identify which labels you really need.

If you’ve found this page and you’re thinking of ordering a sample pack please be aware that with the exception of our ‘Packaging Label’ all our labels are plain; the brilliant animal images are just to help you remember which integrated labels you need!