What are Integrated Labels?

Integrated Label Paper

Integrated Label Paper is one (or more) sticky labels embedded into an A4 sheet. Integrated labels can be known as invoice labels, dispatch labels, shipping labels,  invoice paper or peel out labels.

  • They are commonly used to print picking slips or invoices and a shipping label in one pass.  Uses can include:
    • Single Integrated Labels:
      • Delivery address
    • Double Integrated Labels:
      • Delivery address and return address
      • Delivery address and marketing information.
    • Triple Integrated Labels
      • Delivery address, return address and marketing information.

Why use Integrated Label Paper?

To save time:

  • Everything is printed on one sheet in one pass.
  • There is no need to change between plain paper and label paper.
  • There is no need to match invoices and labels before picking.

To reduce errors:

  • With all information printed in one pass, picking errors will be reduced.
  • Simplify returns. There is no need to supply customers with returns details after the fact – simply print a return label at the same time the invoice is printed with our double integrated labels.

Why so Many Different Labels?

All the different selling platforms (Amazon, Ebay, and others) format their invoices in a different way. We offer a variety of integrated label paper compatible with many of these different platforms to help streamline your processes.

If you simply print from Word, we have templates suitable for each of our labels. If you’re not sure which label you need, you can download some of our templates and simply try them out. Alternatively order one or more of our sample packs to try it out on the real thing.

Leverage Marketing Opportunity

If you’re already using integrated label paper for printing invoices, picking slips, dispatch label and possibly a return label in one pass, why not include some additional detail.

  • Print an offer on the adhesive label and stick it to the package where everyone can see it!
  • Print Royal Mail PPI on your returns label to improve the returns process
  • Print a discount code on the invoice sheet
  • Promote your website on an additional label on the package