Which Label do you need

Use this information to quickly work out which labels you need.

Integrated Labels are used for a wide range of uses including:-

  • Delivery / Packing Notes
  • Invoices
  • Picking
  • Returns
  • Promotions

Do you use E-Commerce software (for example ebay, payPal, Amazon)?

Simply click on the icon of the software provider and you will see all the compatible labels listed in order of popularity.

Do you use a Word Template?

All of our labels have Word templates you can download for free – simply look for the Word icon on the labels page.

How many labels do you need?

  • Single Labels: most people use this format, and typically it is used for the customer’s address
  • Double Labels: the first label is typically used for the customer’s address, while the second label is often used for returns. Some customers use the second label for promotions/vouchers
  • Triple Labels:¬†similar to the use of the Double label these give you a third narrow label which is ideal for putting your website or telephone hotline number.

Simply decide how many labels you want, and click to see all the relevant labels listed in order of popularity.