Whether you are just dipping your toe into ecommerce or are a fully fledged online business, this section contains all sorts of information, hints and tips aimed at making your life easier.

What’s missing? Ask the Zoo Keeper, and if appropriate we’ll turn your query into an FAQ or article.

How to use our Templates

All of our labels have Microsoft Word templates you can download for free. These are our tips on using them.

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Zenstores Compatible Labels

We were recently contacted by the great folks over at Zenstores to let us know that their customers were listing us as their preferred suppliers of Integrated Labels; because of this Zenstores went ahead and added compatibility with a number of our labels! We’re insanely grateful they’ve done this and you can now use the […]

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Setting up Integrated Labels in Shopify

I’ve just been asked about setting up integrated labels in Shopify and which of our range are the best to use.  I’ve had a look around and I’ve realised that I was asked exactly the same question almost exactly a year ago! Unfortunately nobody at the Zoo uses Shopify; so the last time I was […]

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Fooman Set-up Magento Integrated Labels

Another way to Set-up Magento Integrated Labels

We’ve been asked by one of our customers if any our Integrated Labels were compatible with the ‘Fooman PDF Customiser’ extension for Magento. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t have a clue! Happily Kristof ‘the guy behind Fooman’ jumped into our Twitter conversation to provide a link to their instructions on ‘How To… change the custom […]

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Linnworks Integrated Labels – Setting up an Invoice

Linnworks Integrated Labels We’ve been asked in the past ‘which integrated labels work with a Linnworks Invoice’? For Linnworks Integrated Labels, we’ve always pointed customers to the labels we know to be most popular with other Linnworks customers. Recently however we got hold of a copy of ‘Linnworks Order Management’ and realised just how easy […]

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Easy Magento Integrated Label Set-up

Printing Magento Labels Looking for quick and easy way to set-up integrated labels in your Magento back end? Moove on over to Moogento and check out their pickPack module for your magento labels. What they say: Make it memorable: pickPack produces beautiful Packing Sheets and Invoices – don’t drop the ball with your company’s image at […]

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Advice on Label Quality versus Price

One of the common issues that we hear about is users of Integrated Labels getting increasingly frustrated with quality. This of course forms part of the balance of quality versus price. There is a lot of information on the web around Integrated Labels, but still people remain confused. Hopefully this post provides a few pointers […]

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Printing Integrated Labels – Tips and Tricks

Printing Integrated Labels Here at the zoo we’re often asked for advice on printing integrated labels from a variety of ecommerce front ends, browsers and devices. This is a lion’s den and there many variables that impact on your print. • Which label layout do you need? • What printer are you using and does […]

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Label Materials

Here at Labels Zoo we know how most of our products are used and we use the right material for the right job. For example our Packaging labels use a Hi Tack permanent adhesive as we want these to stay stuck on virtually any packaging material. However we know that most customers like to know […]

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A couple of quick tips for Linnworks users.

We know a number of our customers use Linnworks to manage multiple selling channels. Linnworks very kindly supply the occasional  workshop video on how to get the most out of their software so I thought I’d pull together a couple of these videos for you to have a look at. Obviously the one I’ll point you […]

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Integrated Label Paper

What are Integrated Labels?

Integrated Label Paper Integrated Label Paper is one (or more) sticky labels embedded into an A4 sheet. Integrated labels can be known as invoice labels, dispatch labels, shipping labels,  invoice paper or peel out labels. They are commonly used to print picking slips or invoices and a shipping label in one pass.  Uses can include: […]

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Mail Merge

Mail Merge Using Word and Excel 2003

The following instructions show how to mail merge using Word and Excel 2003. These instructions can be helpful to merge data from an Excel spreadsheet into pretty much any document; they are however even more useful for merging names and addresses into any of our integrated labels. 1: Use Excel to create a list of names and […]

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Triple Integrated Label

What does my Invoice need to show?

Printing your Invoice on Integrated Label paper is one thing, but knowing what you have to include is another.

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jammed printer

Storing Integrated Labels

Our products have been made and packed so that they are in an optimum state when you put them in your printer. Find out how to keep them that way!

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